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What is Merada?

Merada comes from the words "Me" (est. “We” or "Our") and "Rada" (est. “Path”. Merada means "Our path".

What does the word "We" or "Our" mean?

"We" refers to the customer and Merada. Us. The two sides form a unified result oriented team or tandem what indicates the word "we".

What does the word "Path" mean?

"Path" is the route to which Merada takes the customer. It is a common journey that the client ultimately reaches his goals. Thus, the “Path” marks the journey to the result of the project.

What is the meaning of the word combi- nation "Merada"?

Merada is a unified result-oriented tandem, the goal of which is to go through a journey, the end point of which is a working result, in the customer's ideal.

Merada OÜ
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